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Buena Vista Music Show

Buena Vista Music Show

Have you been to Havana?

Not yet?

Book your time and concert tickets – we’ll take care of the rest!

We take you to a city where music resounds from even the smallest bar. A city where people dance in the streets. A city that pulses through the veins of its residents and the tourists who come here.

Roland Abreu, Yaremi Kordos and the artists of The Cuban Latin Jazz have created a project like you haven’t seen before: the Buena Vista Music SHOW.

This is no ordinary concert. It’s a show in the hot rhythms of Cuba that will make you taste true joy, forget yourself and let yourself be carried away by melodies that will sing in your heart for a long time to come.

Buena Vista Music SHOW is made up of Latin American music stars straight from Cuba. Suffice it to mention that Yaremi is one of the few women who has performed with the iconic Buena Vista Social Club and recorded two albums with them. Together with Roland, they will share stories of life, love and adventures of Cubans in Poland.